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Oh Internet, It feels so good to be back in your loving embrace once again.

It looks as though my blog has been in hiatus; or I’ve just been living under a rock.
But never fret, this is a very unlikely truth.

What was the cause of this much too long break you ask? Well, one or two, or fifty things.

1. I’m an incredibly poor student living off of cheap oriental noodles, what makes you think I can afford a little wifi?

2. I’ve been toying with the idea of going Internet free for a while. It’s right there on my list next to  going on a raw food diet, saving Amur leopards from extinction, and having utterly no carbon footprint… Just the usual to-do list, really.

Taking the poor student thing into account, it makes my unrealistic idea become something I was sort of thrown into. Naturally I did the library thing for a bit, but in all seriousness, library’s are for borrowing old literary masterpieces, not bitching on the internet. It didn’t feel right complaining about the power walking stroller moms ordering at my favorite cafe, harassing the Barista and demanding ridiculously overly sugary drinks they didn’t even serve. I couldn’t do it, not only because the smell of old books surrounding me made me cheerful, mostly because I only had 30 minutes to bitch.
Coffee shops are good too, sometimes. After awhile, a girl can only spend so much time in coffee shops hogging up all of the free wi-fi before she starts to feel like it has become her third home, like an old spinster.

Now its time for the tiniest glimpse of the point that I’m trying to make… I’ve got internet! Shit yeah!

Ps. It’s 10 degrees out, I have a feeling I’m about to go into hibernation.

For the first time ever in my life, I will be flying alone, and to be quite honest I’m sort of terrified. I’ll be flying out of Cleveland, transferring in Chicago, and ending in Minneapolis on the 27th. I want to fuck it up right, wait no I don’t want to fuck it up at all! Sadly the possibilities of me getting lost or ending up being too immersed in a book and missing my flight are too likely the outcome I shall see. What if my cat sneaks into my luggage and jumps out while we’re in the air or something, this is just the kind of ridiculousness my dreams are made of. Okay, okay, I realize these are childlike fears and I’ll most likely have a rather pleasant experience. Now about that whole packing thing….


                                      Come on, this is a completely rational fear, guys.

It’s time to put on my big girl panties and let this one go, If I’m about to live in a city 16 hours away from everything I know I better not let these silly girlish fears consume me. All my of belongings have to fit into two checked bags, a carry on, and a purse. Furniture will obviously be bought from ikea that’s literally a 15 minute drive from the new loft, along with various adorable things ikea sells that I don’t really need. Here’s my list of things I want to bring, (knocking off clothes/shoes/makeup/other girly products) but I am on the edge of saying no to a few of them….

  1. Wooden Teal Owl Piggy Bank. (Who else to hold my pennies?)
  2. Three Bamboo Shoots (Come on, they are good luck)
  3. Acoustic Guitar (Fulfilling my musical needs)
  4. iPad2 (Reasons quite obvious)
  5. Sewing Machine (Creative needs/awesomeness)
  6. Paintings/Photographs (Asti Cinzano/art I made)
  7. Awesome Medieval-Esc Cross (Need I say more?)
  8. Roller Skates (The hottest thing with 8 wheels)
  9. Bronze Crab Ash Tray (The claws serve as cigarette holders)
  10. Books, Books, And More Books. (Word nerd)

Looking over this list I’ve realized a few things, firstly that I am attached to the strangest of things, and secondly that none of this shit is going to travel well… Oh, minus the iPad, that thing is practically weightless. So, I’ve rather reluctantly came to the conclusion that even half of my list won’t be fitting into a few bags and travelign with me.  

The Owl Bank is coming with me, I just have to remember to cash all my pennies in at CoinStar before boarding the plane. It completely counts as a necessity, plus it’s kind of the cutest of all cuteness. I mean if you show me a more adorable kick ass piggy bank I’ll give  you 100$. Except not really, I’m poor and moving.

Bamboo Sorry I’m not sorry, you’re gonna have to keep someone else lucky. Guitar is simply going to have to wait until I visit for holidays, along with the books/sewing machine/paintings. Ipad2 will conveniently fit into my backpack, thanks for being tiny apple products! Cross thing oh how I long to bring you, but it’s not me it’s you, you’ll understand. If I bring you, I’ll either seem like some sort of over the top christian whack job,  or I’ll seem like I’m trying be the next Van Helsing and slay the shit out of some vampires. Either way, not too sure how security would feel about you.

Roller Skates I could never dream of leaving you behind, even when you give me horrendous bruises, I’d never tear up the streets with anyone else.


Ash Tray, you’re a crab, that’s awesome, but I don’t smoke, that’s also awesome. You’re staying in Ohio, goodbye. Books will be divided into most important and least important, I’ll take about 5 of you on the flight, the rest will have to wait for the holidays.

Oh, look at that, I just resolved quite a few of my irrational fears and tore my list up. Now it’s time to not so patiently await my flight away from Ohio.