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Recently I have been seeing a lot of women rocking the shit out of Ombré hair, and I couldn’t help but want to jump on that train. 

For those of you who are slightly unaware of this new trend, Ombré is just a fancy way of describing anything that starts out dark and gradually gets lighter. Of course this seemed absolutely exciting to me, like all of my favorite fashion statements this one can be slightly underrated.

Have you ever seen a girl with hair bleached so light it almost looks white, far beyond any hopes of her hair being healthy. She is overdue for a hair appointment, and she lets her dark brown roots come in. That is how most people imagine Ombré hair, and they are kind of right. It is exactly the sort of trashy, heroin chic bullshit I just eat up.

I decided to try color my hair at home, being the control freak I am. Naturally, I asked for a little help from my roommate, an extra set of eyes is all to important for making absolute sure my hair won’t get all tiger striped. We went to the drug store to pick up two boxes of hair dye (You can never be too safe) and some sour patch kids for a little sugar rush. My hair was already dark brown, so we simply applied color starting at the tips, and worked our way up. We used a toothbrush to blend the color in, what with being such classy ladies and all. The brush really was helpful with blending in the line where brown meets gold-ish blond. Gradually changing and getting lighter, instead of looking so defined and harsh.

Boom, Simple and ghetto style. We got it done, and I am completely pleased with the outcome.

ImagePlease excuse the horrific lighting // quality of this photo. I blame cell phones.

Oh Internet, It feels so good to be back in your loving embrace once again.

It looks as though my blog has been in hiatus; or I’ve just been living under a rock.
But never fret, this is a very unlikely truth.

What was the cause of this much too long break you ask? Well, one or two, or fifty things.

1. I’m an incredibly poor student living off of cheap oriental noodles, what makes you think I can afford a little wifi?

2. I’ve been toying with the idea of going Internet free for a while. It’s right there on my list next to  going on a raw food diet, saving Amur leopards from extinction, and having utterly no carbon footprint… Just the usual to-do list, really.

Taking the poor student thing into account, it makes my unrealistic idea become something I was sort of thrown into. Naturally I did the library thing for a bit, but in all seriousness, library’s are for borrowing old literary masterpieces, not bitching on the internet. It didn’t feel right complaining about the power walking stroller moms ordering at my favorite cafe, harassing the Barista and demanding ridiculously overly sugary drinks they didn’t even serve. I couldn’t do it, not only because the smell of old books surrounding me made me cheerful, mostly because I only had 30 minutes to bitch.
Coffee shops are good too, sometimes. After awhile, a girl can only spend so much time in coffee shops hogging up all of the free wi-fi before she starts to feel like it has become her third home, like an old spinster.

Now its time for the tiniest glimpse of the point that I’m trying to make… I’ve got internet! Shit yeah!

Ps. It’s 10 degrees out, I have a feeling I’m about to go into hibernation.