Born in the 216, raised by hippies. Gypsy Traveler.

A fancy nerd. Dress up, cupcakes, and the smell of old books put hearts in my eyes. I’ve spent my life in Cleveland, I’ve experienced the little bike scene, the local artists, musicians, bars, thrift stores, coffee shops, museums, and our wonderful restaurants. I’m completely and utterly in love with Cleveland, despite it’s many flaws. The streets are paved with familiar faces, and I have become quite comfortable with the city.

I couldn’t help but wonder that If I spent my whole life feeling incredibly comfortable, will I ever have really lived at all?
I still have yet to answer this question, but the curiosity killed this cat, or rather made her move all over and be forced into strange and foren places. And more often than I’d like to admit, I’m thrown into completely  uncomfortable situations.

Allow me to project all of my ridiculously silly misfortunes and adventures in your face, on a weekly basis. Often slipping in a few girlish rants and criticism on the side.

  1. Hi, thanks for following my little blog. I love the way you write, you have a great way with words and can definitely keep things interesting. will enjoy reading your posts!

  2. iamglor said:

    hi! thanks for following my blog. i love the quirkiness of your blog space, very mysterious and like your approach to sharing silly misfortunes. Xx, Glor

      • iamglor said:

        you’re welcome Xo!

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