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The Black Keys are a kick you in the teeth rock group from Akron, Ohio. With being a Cleveland native and all I have been a faithful fan since 2001 when the band was formed, and although I have never formally met the members, I know various people who grew up with these dudes.

Remember Aha Shake Heartbreak, by Kings of Leon? Released in 2005, this album was their very best in my humble opinion. I’m not really one who follows the silly steps of finding a band, hating when they sell out, then on to the next one, I simply find that older tends to sound better. When people think Kings of Leon they think of sex on fire and all their radio hits, although I must admit, sitting on my porch with a slice of apple pie listening to Back Down South does sound quite marvelous, it’s still nothing compared to their older songs. I think The Black Keys and Kings of Leon are completely and utterly different, but alike in the way that they are both remarkably brilliant in the early stuff.

My point is, when a band’s music progresses it tends to be good, but if you look back to their first few albums, it tends to be great.

Listen to this now; thank me later.

  1. Troy said:

    Love the Black Keys. Two of my many favorites of theirs: “I Got Mine” (as you posted) and “Psychotic Girl”. Good stuff.

  2. Mmm – favourite Kings of Leon song – The Bucket, favourite The Black Keys song Next Girl. Not so familiar with The Black Keys though so will check out the recommendations.

    • Next girl is a hilariously delightful song. The type of song that makes you wanna sing into a hairbrush all passionatly, or something equally ridiculous.

  3. We love, love, love the black keys! I have managed to acquire every album and EP! JS xx

  4. ok – i got mine reminded me of the not so few redneck bars i’ve hung out in on saterday nights with a live local band. Not so bad, I like music like that. Also reminded me of my younger days in new jersey and the endless ‘jam parties’ in this one or that ones garage or local bar. once again, not a bad thing!
    didnt really care too much for the second song, tho. just saying. too sleepy.

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